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What Should I Store My Vinyl Records In?

Muxx December 3, 2009 Gear No Comments

There are many different practices to storing vinyl records but an equally important practice is what to store them in.

Some people use old milk crates, others use shelving units while some unfortunate people are stuck rigging up their own containers or leaving them in boxes.

For those of you that have begun or already have a vinyl collection going, here are a few various ways you can store you vinyl records.


Crates have been used to store vinyl since people started collecting them it seems. Crates are simple which is why so many people tend to flock to them.

Crates are very sturdy, often made of plastic which won’t break down like wooden crates. Although there is a hefty fine for stealing milk and food crates, they’re still one of the main ways people store their vinyl.

You can often find crates at local thrift shops for pennies on the dollar because people have no real use for them. If you’re not so much the law abiding citizen, you could always acquire a few of these around grocery stores (not implying anything). Crates can hold many records as well and if they’re large enough, you could easily stack them on top of one another.

The only problem with some milk crates are if they’re too small. Having crates too small means your vinyl will be loose and possibly bend if stacking them on their side. If you do go the crate route, try to grab up some of the larger ones – this way you don’t have to worry about any of these problems.

Book/Shelving Units

Book and shelving units are the best bang for your buck when storing your vinyl records.

Unlike stack able crates, the shelving units will allow you to organize your vinyl collection while holding them in place to avoid any damage. Shelving units can also blend well with the rest of your furniture in comparison to mismatched crates stacked on top of one another.Shelving units also allow you to hold a vast amount of vinyl in comparison to the limited space of crates, boxes and other methods.

Shelving units do not need to be expensive either although you get what you pay for – something to consider when you have a very respectable collection sitting on a shaky shelving unit. You could find shelving units at thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales and in retail stores. All you have to do is look around and bargain with the owner.

You will want to make sure the shelving unit is very sturdy as well. If possible, check for any weight limit or test it out by placing weights on each shelf. There’s nothing worse than organizing all of your vinyl to have the shelf break and potentially damage your vinyl from the fall.

DIY Storage

For those who are winging it, making your own set of shelving units or boxes may be all you have to store your vinyl.

Hopefully you’ll be able to invest in some crates or shelving units in the future but for now you may be stuck with what you have. One cheap DIY method of storing your vinyl is to use two cinder blocks, a long board and some cloth to create essentially book ends for your vinyl.

When creating your make-shift storage unit you’ll want to make sure the vinyl will be able to stand up straight and level with the room. Use a thick cloth over the ends of the cinder blocks to prevent any scratching to the sleeve if it had direct contact. You also have two options with the board: place it over the top to stand your vinyl straight or place it on the bottom to give it a sturdy, level support.

There are plenty of other ways to create your own vinyl storage – all you need to do is look around and be crafty. Just remember to avoid placing your vinyl on their sides, you’ll want to stack them vertically.


For those who are completely shit out of luck, you’re probably stuck with boxes.

If you’re lucky enough, you may have the option of using thick boxes much like comic book boxes to hold your vinyl. These boxes are often rigid enough to hold quite a bit of weight as well as keep them vertical and organized.

If you’re really out of any storage possibilities, you may be stuck with a regular old box. There’s not much you can do at this point other than use the box just to hold the stacks together. Do yourself a big favor and at least find some crates or pick up a cheap book shelf from a thrift store. Leaving your vinyl in moving boxes will allow humidity to get to them, the vinyl will warp and it will be a haven for insects to damage your vinyl.

And so much more…

There various storage methods are only but a few ways to store your vinyl records. There are plenty of various pieces that you can use to keep track and protect your vinyl from damages caused by improper storage.

Your best bet is to invest a few bucks in a shelving unit if you’re at all serious about taking care of your vinyl. The shelving unit will allow you easy access to your vinyl while creating a great system for maintenance and protection. These storage methods should help you understand what options you have and where to get them.

How do you store your vinyl records? Comment below.


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