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Top 5 Digital DJ Controllers under $300

Muxx July 28, 2013 Featured, Gear Comments Off
Digital DJ Controllers

Digital DJ turntables and controllers give you an incredible amount of flexibility to build mixes, play with effects, tweak software and keep your costs, for starting, well under half of the amount you would spend when using vinyl or CD’s.

Thinking about becoming a DJ?

Take a look at these five digital DJ turntables and controllers which would be perfect if you’re making the push for digital DJing and without breaking your budget.


#1: Hercules DJ Console RMX

The DJ Console RMX, by Hercules, tops the list by offering up one of the most economical options for new digital DJs. At a current price of $265, you can gain the full flexibility of mixing on a DJ controller with built in effects, jog wheels and a pre-packaged copy of Virtual DJ.

The Hercules DJ Console RMX is built to be a workhorse; the steel design will take a beating even when you’re in the heaviest of mixing.

You’ll find everything you need to get started with DJing in the RMX. Jog wheels act as your turntables, built in knobs let you control the sound, pitch faders helps you control the mix and additional inputs for microphones and gear lets you get started for less than $300.

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#2: Numark Mixtrack Pro

Second on the list is the versatile Numark Mixtrack Pro; it deserves its place because it’s quickly become the ‘go-to’ for digital DJ equipment because of all the available options it offers. At just over $220, the Mixtrack Pro is an economical choice for budding Digital and Mobile DJs.

You’ll find everything in this DJ setup: 2 jog wheels for controlling your mix, full knobs for sound and effects controls, sliders to adjust the sound (and mix), additional effects controllers and plenty of outputs to sync up with Traktor or the included Virtual DJ LE software (or other midi DJ software).

The Numark Mixtrack Pro is perfect for getting started; you’ll get everything you need if Digital DJing is your chosen choice. With a price like that with all the included features it certainly deserves its place at #2 on the list.

Learn more: Read the full Numark Mixtrack Pro specs and reviews.

#3: Vestax Typhoon Midi Controller

Vestax create some of the best DJ midi controllers and turntables in the business with their smashing hits in the VCI series. However, VCI’s are a bit expensive for many which is why the Typhoon makes our list. At $265, the Typhoon offers up a comparable set of features you find in others as it aims to be an all-in-one bundle.

One major benefit of the Typhoon is the built in sound card. You won’t need to run off to buy a completely new one for your computer; everything is included. However, there have been some known sound problems with the unit but you have to take the good with the bad especially when you aim for under $300.

Is the Typhoon right for you? Well, if you’re a fan of Vestax and understand their offering of great products that certainly so otherwise you can take an assessment of the other on the list.

Learn more: Read the full Vestax Typhoon specs and reviews.

#4: Reloop Mixage Interface Edition DJ Controller

Reloop is a relatively new contender in the digital DJ controller market but they’re not one to turn a blind eye toward. Reloop has come out the ring swinging with their release of the Mixage controller. The Mixage is starting to gain traction with many beginner DJ’s especially for it’s $250 price point.

Expect to find the same set of features that seems standard in Digital DJ controllers such as jog wheels, mixers, knobs and input/outputs. However, one advantage with going with the Reloop Mixage is the inclusion of Traktor 2 LE which is a very robust DJ software (I personally use Traktor Scratch and love it).

The Reloop Mixage is a bit basic, overall; there are some features mixing that you find standard higher end equipment such as kill switches and greater control on EQ’s but for a fresh entry in the market, Reloop is making its mark.

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#5: Gemini DJ CTRL-SIX Midi Controller

Coming in at #5, the Gemini DJ CTRL-SIX midi controller is what you’d expect from a midi controller from the jog wheels to the EQ knobs. There’s nothing really special to say about this unit but there’s not much bad about it either; it’s sort of the “in between”, a unit that would be popular if it had the same attention as many of the others.

For $250, the Gemini DJ CTRL-SIX will certainly get you started with Digital and Mobile DJing. The unit includes a soundcard so, as we discussed, you’re starting off on a good foot. It’s solid, has the features you need and will stand up to the test of mixing.

Learn more: Read the full Gemini CTRL-SIX specs and reviews.


So, there you have it; the top five Digital DJ turntables and controllers for under $300. When you’re on a budget, you generally have less options but when it comes to DJ controllers you have all the great benefits of high end gear for less than half the price. Get started with DJing today.



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