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My Top 10 Favorite Psytrance Artists

Muxx March 17, 2010 General No Comments

Psytrance is my all-time favorite music genre.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I have hippy parents or if it strikes a deep rooted longing to experience the abnormal.

I love this stuff and would like to share some of it with you – as well.

ecstasy makes you grow old faster

Psytrance blends the progression of Trance with Psychedelic sounds to give you a wild trip – even when you’re not on drugs.

In this post, I’ve compiled years of personal favorites to what I feel is my quintessential list of Psytrance artists, these listed are what I consider the best of the best.

Here is my top 10 Psytrance artist list:


At the top of my list, and probably for many people that love Psytrance, is Simon Posford’s Hallucinogen.

Hallucinogen has become the classic sound of Psytrance and it’s no contest due to the phenomenal releases through the years.

Hallucinogen brings the most unique and powerful sound to the Psytrance genre. Since the release of Twisted in 1995, all other albums have been shadowed by the release.

Hallucinogen’s later album The Lone Deranger was a much anticipated follow up that did not disappoint.

To take his sound down to a chill level, Simon later release an In Dub remix of classic tracks backed by one of my favorite Psybient artists, Ott.

We can only hope that Simon can find time between Shpongle and Younger Brother to make a new Hallucinogen album.

Click here to check out Hallucinogen’s albums

Hallucinogen – LSD


Not to give Hallucinogen all the light on this list, Doof holds a special place on my list as one of the best artist the Psytrance genre has seen.

Doof’s raw sound crafts two amazing albums: Let’s Turn On and It’s About Time.

The squelching acid bass lines combined with mind blowing psychedelic sounds combine perfectly to create everything that Doof has to offer.

Click here to check out Doof’s albums

Doof – Let’s Turn On

Astral Projection

A heavy contender in the Psytrance community, Astral Projection has been around for ages.

Although it can be debated that Astral Projection has more of a GOA sound, their influence over Psytrance cannot be omitted.

With nearly a dozen releases, Astral Projection has cemented their place in the Psytrance genre with amazing releases one after another.

Click here to check out Astral Projection’s albums

Astral Projection – Another World

Eat Static

If you thought Astral Projection was the only one to make the list with a long history of producing Psytrance, Eat Static has basically been around since the beginning.

The release of Implant gained them a special place on this list. Implant is a classic Psytrance album that perfectly sums up the sound during the early nineties.

The warming analogue sounds of each sound crafts Eat Static’s albums into an unmissable experience.

Check out some of Eat Static’s albums

Eat Static – Implant


Koxbox brings to us release after release of pounding Psytrance tracks.

No short of amazing, Koxbox is another classic example of Psytrance done right.

Put on any of Koxbox’s albums to hear why it made my top 10 Psytrance list.

Click here to check out some of Koxbox’ albums

Koxbox – Acid Drome

Electric Universe

Electric Universe makes this list for their combination of increasing perfection in each release and the dedication to their sound.

I’m a sucker for acid bass lines, Electric Universe takes the cake. That squelch from each sound coming from the 303 is such a great compliment to the psychedelic sound.

Click here to check out Electric Universe’s albums

Electric Universe – Stardriver

Man With No Name

Man With No Name has become a legend with the Psytrance genre. If you were to talk to any Psytrance junkie, Man With No Name will definitely spill from their lips.

Man With No Name came into the scene with force and quietly walked away without leaving us with a sour taste in our mouths.

You can’t call yourself a true Psytrance fan if you don’t know the classic tune: Teleport.

Click here to check out Man with No Names’ albums

Man With No Name – Teleport


Is it possible that Pleiadians is the greatest Psytrance artist to grace the genre? It quite possibly be so.

Crossing the line between GOA and Psytrance, Pleiadians is the quintessential example that labels do not dictate your sound.

Whatever you want to label Pleiadian’s music as, it’s one thing: perfection.

Just put Identified Flying Objects on and you’ll see why Pleiadians is held so close to everyone.

Click here to check out Pleiadians’ albums

Pleiadians – Asterope


Out of all that is listed on my top 10 Psytrance list, Talamasca is the only one that I have both begun to grow old of but find their older albums more and more amazing.

The original releases of Talamasca breathed a new life into the Psytrance genre. Unfortunately, their later offerings have begun to dry up the old school sound.

That’s not to say they don’t deserve to be on my list, nostalgia alone keeps them ringing through my ears.

Click here to check out Talamasca’s albums

Talamasca – Gemini


Last, but not certainly least, sits Tristan.

Tristan gave us a darker sound that no one was expecting. As Psytrance picked up with happy psychedelic sounds, Tristan dove into the darker side of our minds.

Perhaps a proto release of Dark Psytrance, Audiodrome has all the warm feeling of raw analogue sound but with a touch of anger.

Tristan – Lord Of Fives

There you have it, my top 10 favorite Psytrance tunes.

There are certainly dozens I would like to mention but that defeats the purpose of a top 10 list does it not?

Psytrance continues to progress and break off into different sounds.
Lately Dark Psytrance has been on my favorite list but with the emergence of new artists in the Psytrance community, I find myself coming back full circle to rediscover the genre I love.

What are your favorite Psytrance artists?


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