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My Top 10 Favorite Psybient Artists and Songs

Muxx March 16, 2010 General No Comments

I wanted to share with you my top 10 Psybient artists and songs instead of declaring it in stone as “the best”.

Some call it Psybient. Some say Psydub. Maybe Psychill? Or perhaps Downtempo. Whatever you choose to call it, this is my list of the top 10 Psybient artists and songs.

These are some of the artists and their songs that have rocked my world. Psybient fits so well when we are in a relaxed mood, it feels as if everything is going to be all right.

Let’s do this…


Ott had always been flying low on my radar, his first album Blumenkraft appealed to me but it wasn’t until Skylon that I can say he really shined.

Skylon is, perhaps, on of the most chill albums I’ve ever listened to. During an interview, Ott (that is his real name btw) talked about how he created his music – with home made drums and shakers made from coffee cans and such ha!

Ott goes high on my top 10 Psybient list.

Ott – Queen of Everything


When I first listened to Shpongle it was on a rainy afternoon. I had already been a huge fan of Simon Posford from Hallucinogen and Raja Ram from 1200 Mics but I was never expecting this.

Shpongle has since become my favorite Psybient artist, I recommend them to everyone I talk to. Their unique style of music is some of the most beautiful and trippy you’ll ever listen to.

It’s funny because I could talk for hours about Shpongle but instead, let’s let the music do justice:

Shpongle – …But Nothing is Lost


Shulman has such a different sound than most of the other Psybient artists on this list. Shulman’s glitchy style makes for some for the trippiest dub – it feels like you’re stuck in some computer game, Tron style.

Shulman is a great break from the earthy sounds you commonly find on many Psybient tracks.

Shulman – Invention


Bluetech has been producing many amazing albums for quite some time. I stumbled across him one rainy afternoon and it hit the spot. The glitchy sounds of Bluetech gives it a very unique sound.

Bluetech’s latest album “The Divine Invasion” has my favorite track of his:

Bluetech – Probability Tree

H.U.V.A. Network

The first live mix I heard by H.U.V.A. Network had me hooked. I really like their style of music.

My bud Dez got to see them live recently at an Alex Grey exhibit – lucky bastard.

H.U.V.A. Network – Indigo Room


Androcell certain holds its own amongst the other Psybient artists.

I like Androcell because many of their songs are a little more poppy at times, not always very deep dub, it’s a bit more suited to listen when you’re actually doing things as apposed as just drifting off to space land.

Androcell – Dub Crystals


If there is one group that has always produced memorable music, it’s Vibrasphere. I had the chance to watch them live during Eclipse 2008 – the ground vibrated with chill tunes as I drift off into la la land.

Each release of Vibrasphere continues to be better and better, I can’t wait for the next.

Vibrasphere – Forest Fuel


Entheogenic was another of the first Psybient artists that I discovered as I delved into the genre. The earthy, chanting sound of Entheogenic’s music really drew me in.

I bought a pair of bongo’s because of their album Golden Cap haha.

Entheogenic – Twilight Eyes

Younger Brother

Soon after discovering Shpongle, I also happened upon Simon’s other project: Younger Brother. After giving them a listen and finding out X from Prometheus was on board, I bought their albums.

Younger Brother really takes Psybient to a new level – it’s like a whole new sound. Their live performances are next to none, it’s amazing to see an electronic utilize traditional instruments to play in front of an audience.

Younger Brother – Ribbon On A Branch

Carbon Based Lifeforms

Carbon Based Lifeforms has always been flying low on my radar but I have noticed they’ve been around when I wanted to listen to Psybient the most. Appearing on a ton of mix Cd’s I have, I never really recognized the genius of Carbon Based Lifeforms until…

Carbon Based Lifeforms – MOS 6581

I hope you like my list of Psybient artists and hopefully it brought you some really relaxing moments.

What Psybient artists do you like?


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