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How To Promote Your DJ Mix On Youtube

Muxx April 14, 2010 Tutorials No Comments

Promotion is an essential skill for every beginner DJ that wants to become successful.

Promotion allows a beginner DJ to make their way from the bedroom to the real events at clubs and festivals.

The internet gives the beginner DJ great opportunies which were once a hassle and downright cutthroat.

By promoting your mixes on Youtube, you will be able to gain a broad audience and following, eventually guaranteeing your success.

In this post, I’m going to show you a few tips and tricks on how you can promote your DJ mix on Youtube.

Setup Your Youtube Account

First things first, you need to set up your Youtube account.

Your Youtube account should reflect your style and brand. Branding is very important and in this case, it will be your DJ name.

To begin, visit Youtube and select ‘Create Account‘.

Create Your DJ Account On Youtube

Next, fill out all of the available information.

Use Your DJ Name As Your Username

Fill your ‘Username‘ with your DJ name, this will ensure that whenever someone visits your Youtube channel or watches your video, your name is right in their face.

Over time your name will get stuck in viewers heads which will help you promote yourself and your DJ mixes on Youtube.

Now that you have your account setup, let’s start promoting your DJ mixes.

Record A DJ Mix

The next step you’ll need to do is to record a DJ mix.

Because Youtube only allows you to upload a total of 10 minutes per video, you’ll be creating a ‘Ten Min Mix‘. These small mixers are excellent because it gives people just enough time to enjoy your mixing and listen to a solid block of tunes.

You can create a video two ways:

  • Record your set using the output on your system or program then trim it with tools such as Audacity
  • Record yourself mixing in front of a camera with your webcam

Although a simple audio recording will suffice for your DJ mix, the goal we want here is promotion and that means you need to display yourself and your actual mixing, therefore you should record a video.

I highly recommend the Microsoft LifeCam. We have a couple of them at work to record videos, they’re excellent. They shoot HD and have a pretty decent built in microphone.

Because you’re on video, people can begin to recognize you. If you play at local parties, people will be able to easily spot you because you are in their face at the party and whenever they’re watching videos online.

Your ten minute DJ mix should be absolutely flawless. You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention when they click your video so skip the whole introduction and jump right into your mix. You could always do a shout out during the mix or add a subtitle with your name – extra branding!

When you’re mixing on Youtube, don’t over do it with crazy tricks, keep it simple but solid.

Create a playlist that is going to wow people, so they stick around and listen/watch the entire DJ mix.

Promoting Your DJ Mix On Youtube

There are dozens of methods to promote your DJ mix on Youtube.

The best one’s I’ve found are:

  • Piggybacking off other popular videos with video responses
  • Linking your videos on your own blog and sharing it on social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Promoting your video with Youtube ads and promoted videos
  • Proper video optimization

Let’s break down this list for a second.

Piggybacking is simply using your video as a video response to other popular videos. You should try to keep your video responses to relevant videos, don’t post your mixes on something such as a cute cat video, it doesn’t have relevance.

Cross promotion with your blog and social media is a smart choice for beginner DJs that try to build a following on Youtube. You may already have a website, blog or social media accounts so take advantage of them, share your video anytime you post one.

Youtube offers people the ability to advertise and promote videos. This can be a little costly depending on which category or where you want to place the video but if it leads you to success, it will all be worth it.

Finally, you should aim to optimize your video the best you can. You don’t have to learn all the wizz bang tricks of SEO and other techniques, just make sure you title your video with relevant keywords.

If you are mixing Dark Psytrance, title your video something such as Dark Psytrance Minimix. Additionally, you will want to use tags that are relevant to your video such as DJ mix, mixing, beatmatch and others.

Proper combination of video optimization will help you show up in regular search results as well as higher ranking within Youtube.

DJ Mixes On The Web

Now that you’re uploading your DJ mixes on Youtube, it’s time to begin building a following and further promote yourself.

Building A Following

What you’ll want to do is upload a few of your mixes (only the best ones) so if someone enjoyed one of your mixes, they can continue through and watch the others.

Although a mix video alone can bring in quite a few viewers a great trick you can do to begin gaining subscribers is to upload music, videos and other tidbits of media when you’re not showing off your mixing.

Some channels have thousands of subscribers simply from the miscellanious music videos they’ve uploaded over time, this is the idea behind subscribing. Your goal is to build your subscribers so each new mix will shoot to the top from hundreds of views.

Getting Subscribers On Youtube

As you build your subscribers, you’ll also begin to reach higher and higher on the Youtube search results.

Whenever possible, interact with your subscribers and don’t be ashamed to ask them to help promote yourself.

Ask local subscribers to come out to parties you’re DJing at, tell them to share it with others or vote for your videos on social bookmarking websites.

You don’t have to be pushy but your intent is to promote yourself, which will push some of your buttons at times if you feel uncomfortable being in front of the spotlight.

Keep updating regularily, talk to your subscribers and help promote one another, it will all payoff in the end.

I’ve Uploaded My DJ Mix, Now What?

If you continue to produce great DJ mix videos, subscribers and top the charts you’ll soon have leverage to talk to people that would have ignored you previously.

If there is a local club that has an open DJ slot, try your best to snag it. When you talk to the promoter or club owner, you’ll now have additional influence over other DJs simply because you can tell them how you have a great following on Youtube.

Simply saying “I’m big on Youtube” isn’t going to open every door for you but if you can get your subscribers and friends out to the clubs and parties, you’ll really start to get some kickbacks. Numbers talk volumes, use it to your advantage.

Final Tip

You don’t have to stop at just Youtube to promote your DJ mix.

Websites such as TubeMogul allow you to submit your video to dozens of other video websites for free.

Use TubeMogul To Share Videos

You’ll be blasting your video all over the web to even more people. Remember though, Youtube has the largest userbase so if you want to focus on any one in particular, stick with Youtube.

Hopefully these tips will help you get on your way to begin promoting your DJ mixes on Youtube. Think of all the success you can achieve just from uploading a few videos of what you’re probably doing in your freetime anyway.

Go forth and promote!

Do you have a DJ mix on Youbue? Share it with everyone in the comments below.


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