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How to Build a Home DJ Studio

Muxx August 22, 2011 Tutorials Comments Off
DJ Home Studio

Do you want to setup your own radio show?

Maybe have a studio for making music and starting your own netlabel?

Or maybe you just want to have something professional for anything music related?

Check this out; this is a quick guide on how to build your own home DJ studio.

Why Build a Home DJ Studio?

DJ Home Studio

This is pretty sick!

The first thing you’re probably wondering is why even bother setting up a studio. Well, a studio will give you the freedom to work on your music and mixing without having to bounce back and forth between gear; you’re setting everything up all in one place.

Computers have made setting up and building your own home studio even easier than what it used to be. You can literally get by with a few pieces of gear and you’ll be ready to go. From your studio, you could hold live mixes for people on a radio station, stream your video to fans or just work alone on your remixes or completely new tracks. Sounds good, right?

The Basic Home DJ Studio Equipment

Now that you’re getting a little excited about a home studio, let’s talk about gear. The gear that you’re using in your studio is pretty much the same that you’d have for your decks with the exception that you may need a few extra pieces of software or a couple midi controllers to make your music creation easier.

To get started, here are a few things you’ll need:

  • A sturdy work station desk where all your gear will be setup
  • A microphone or video camera for recording your voice or live mixes
  • A laptop for DJing (especially good if you have midi gear, duh)
  • A mixer to connect your external sound sources (if needed)
  • Some monitor speakers so you can listen in on your mixes
  • A midi keyboard (or two) to help with music programs

Once you’ve got all your gear, begin setting everything up. Put your laptop in the middle because that’s what you’ll be working off of, mostly. Set your turntables off to the side but in an area where you’re not reaching around and can get easy access to them. Set your midi keyboard in a great location so you can watch your laptop while you’re plugging away at the keys. Hook up your microphone around face level – you can use some kind of bevel arm so you can later move it out of the way. Finally, set a video camera up high, facing downward toward your turntables, so people can get a great glimpse at what you’re doing.

The Essential Home Studio Software

Depending on your budget, you can either bootstrap your studio or go all out. Since you’re just getting started with a studio, you’re probably in the market for some inexpensive gear and software to get started and plan to upgrade later.

Here are some great pieces of software and guides for setting up:

Browse through and learn as much as you can about setting up a radio station, streaming to live internet viewers and getting your home studio together. For the most part, you’re mostly just getting your turntables so you can broadcast online or so you can easily record and get feedback on your music.

Bringing it all Together

This is a real quick and dirty guide on getting started but I know that you’re web savvy and understand what a home studio is made of. You’re setting up your DJ setup to a computer so you have access at doing live radio stations, recording live video and recording your mixes. Just get your gear hooked up to your computer like you probably already do and then use some promotional techniques to get found online. You’ll figure it out, I belieeeeve in ya.


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