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The Monster List of Free Electronic Music Production Tutorials

Muxx February 14, 2012 Tutorials Comments Off

Let’s set aside your goal of becoming a DJ in place of something equally awesome: producing electronic music.

The web, as you could expect, gives us a buttload of great resources when we want to learn how to product electronic music.

You don’t need to drop a handful of cash in order to get started because there are more than enough tutorials and resources to fill your schedule for the next few years.

dat monstaaaaaa

I went ahead and started putting together a monster list of free electronic music production tutorials that I’ve found across the web.

I’m also listing out a dozen or so great reads that I think you should dig into and finally – there will be a few premium resources worth checking out if you do want to drop a few bucks for professional help.

Okay, let’s get this started – it certainly won’t be complete but I can try to give you the best …

Index of Beatport Tutorials

Francis Preve was the tech editor over at Beatport from 2007 to 2009. On his website, he’s put together a rather large list of tutorials that were featured in Beatport from ‘introduction to Synthesizer Programming’ all the way up to a full ‘Master Class’ that takes you through a full production process. You can find these on your own if you do enough searches and digging around but Francis already did the work for you so they’re definitely worth checking out.

100+ Video Electronic Music Production Tutorials

Dave from has been working hard over these last few years creating some really top-notch tutorials. My favorite thing that he shows is the ‘7 day song’ tutorials that go through the major elements of electronic music production day-by-day. There are a lot of resources to dig through on this page and even more on his actual Youtube account – if anything, start here.

350+ Music Production Tutorials on AudioTuts

They may not all be electronic music production tutorials but they all have something in common and that’s teaching you how to use programs and understanding the essentials of music production as a whole. Even if you don’t use every tutorial on the blog – you can still learn a lot from digging around because it may give you a bit of inspiration. The blog is always updating so keep it bookmarked.

Sonic Transfer’s Uber List of Production Tutorials

Sonic Transfer has been going at it for quite some time now. The site focuses heavily on Ableton so it won’t be for everyone if case you’re using Cubase or another DAW but for starters – this is definitely top notch. The tutorials aren’t hugely in depth most of the time but they’re quick and easy so you can retain the information rather than getting too bogged down at one time.

Reddit’s EDM Music Production

Reddit, if you didn’t know, is a pretty awesome community site which is divided into ‘sub-reddits’; they have one specifically on EDM production too! There aren’t a whole lot of individual tutorials on here but the discussions are well worth taking a look. If you sign up, you can join in with asking questions which will be extremely helpful if you can’t find support from the other resources on this list. Additionally, people on the sub-reddit often share sample packs which are worth their weight in gold.

LoopTV Music Production Tutorials & Guides

LoopTV has about 100 or so music production tutorials on their website and that’s just the tip of the iceburg considering that there are tons and tons of producer interviews which are worth checking out in terms of learning production methods. LoopTV has podcasts which will always keep you up to date. The site focuses a lot on Ableton, Cubase, Reason, Native Instruments, and all the other major brands that dominate the EDM production library.

Trance Production’s Guide to … Trance Production

This seemingly simple website is packed with great information if you’re getting into trance production. The website is a bit wordy and could use more pictures but all of the information is there for the picking; it’s divided into the main elements of trance along with some excellent resources that go beyond what the website has to offer.

How to Make Electronic Music Guides

HTMEM (eh? Yup!) has a ton of quick and simple tutorials for learning how to use FL Studio as your main production software. Although the site is mostly around FL – it’s still a big one for people using this software because it offers up free VST’s, samples and presets that help you get out of the boxed samples and deeper into music production with the program.

WarBeats (Big on FL Studio)

WarBeats probably takes the cake in terms of the amount of tutorials for music production using FL Studio. Again, FL Studio is a bit “lower end” compared to programs like Cubase but it’s still a perfect starting point for many and is only really limited by your creativity – WarBeats aims to help you understand the program with their offerings which they do so spot on. Definitely worth a look.

Funk Naughty Guides

Fun Naughty is a site that’s been going since around 2010 and has already racked up a ton of tutorials related to music production and DJing. There’s a lot of emphasis to the big named programs but what makes the site really cool are the exclusive interviews that have with big name DJ’s like Carl Cox and others (although, that’s part of the premium part – worth it? Maybe).

Computer Music Books (aka. Books!)

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty into music productions by picking up one of those things old people use … ya know … a book?! Books are excellent because they’ll help you focus vs. bouncing between websites, videos and all the other distractions of the web. I’d recommend the following: The Dance Music Manual, The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music, Music Theory for Computer Musicians, The Beginner’s Guide to Computer-Based Music Production. Some of you will probably learn better from having a book in your face than a million tabs opened – just saying.

Conclusion (and so on)

I’d like to add to this list over the course of the blog history so be sure to check in from time to time for new electronic music production tutorials and resources. In the meantime, pick a few that read out how you best learn and dig right in – you learn the most from trying than just absorbing information.



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