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DJ Name Generator: Free Tools and a Tip

Muxx August 17, 2011 Resources Comments Off
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Are you getting stumbled on creating a DJ name?

Don’t worry because a lot of people get to a point where they can’t quite figure out what to call themselves. Coming up with a DJ name is a little stressful because it’s going to be what people call you by and you don’t really change it down the line after you start to become successful – of course, you could always.

So, I found a couple DJ name generators online that could potentially help kick up a few ideas for your DJ name, check them out …

(Click on the pictures to jump to the websites)

As I had outlined in How to Choose a DJ Name, the one tip that seemed to work the best with people is to just go off your nick name. Sometimes, we don’t like our nick names but it really does stick and fit. There’s usually a good story behind a nickname too which could add a bit more story to your DJ name whenever someone asks you what’s up.

You don’t really need to rely on tools to come up with your DJ name; just use them to kick around ideas and draw up inspiration. Most of the DJ name generators are more or less just novelty but people seem to be searching for them all the time so I figured it would be good to put them all under one roof.

Kick around some ideas with your friends and see which seems to stand out. Many DJ’s didn’t even bother with a name until people started calling them what they wanted – maybe that could work for you too – hell, just use your given name for the meantime and come up with a DJ name down the line when you start to experiment with music production or something.

Anyway, hope you found this post helpful. Share it with others if you know they’re looking to figure out a DJ name as well.


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