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Best DJ Programs for Beginners

Muxx August 29, 2011 Gear Comments Off

Supposing you’re just getting started with digital DJing, you’re in the market for a DJ program that can handle your mixing, have a few built in effects, probably doesn’t cost much and will let you record mixes so you can share them with friends and the rest of the web.

Awesome, you’re off to a good start since you’re here. What I’ve done is put together a list of some of the best DJ programs for beginners. These aren’t what I would call “high end” DJ programs but they certainly get the job done and can get you started before you drop serious money on the higher end DJ software like Traktor, Serato or Ableton.

Okay, enough of all that, let’s take a look at what’s available out there as far as DJ programs for beginners …

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ – A good place to start

Virtual DJ is probably the best selection as far as DJ programs for beginners go because it has one of the best set of features and options or mixing and even doing a bit of visual DJing while you’re at it. You get two full decks, mixer, effects, file browser, visual elements and the ability to record and save your mix.

Out of the programs listed in this post, this is the one that I recommend checking out first because there is a free version of Virtual DJ available and if you want to upgrade it’s less than $100 which is a dirt cheap steal if you ask me. You get everything you need to get started so this is obviously the best choice; plus, there are a lot of Virtual DJ tutorials available on the web that will help you get started in no time at all.


Definitely worth checking out

MixMeister is sort of a mix between DJ mixing software and Ableton Live mixing capabilities; you can do your normal DJ thing but you could also do live mashups with the higher end versions of MixMesiter which is really great if you have the money to invest toward the software.

Overall, MixMeister may be a little bit too much for you when you’re first beginning but it’s definitely great for the intermediate level and even some expert level DJing because it’s quite robust and aims to give you a ton of flexibility in your ability to DJ. The higher end you get, with the software, the more features you unlock so if you’re willing to drop about $400, you can do everything up to live video mixing which can take your DJing to the next level because you’ll be putting on a bitchin’ show. Verdict? At least give MixMeister a try and see if it’s something that fits into your style and gives you the features you need to do your DJ mixing. There are a few trials of MixMeister available from their website too.


It's free. Completely free.

Finally, one other DJ program worth checking out for beginners would be Mixxx. Mixxx is an open source DJ mixing software which means it’s absolutely free and people can improve upon it because the source code is openly available to those that are willing to give it a shot.

Mixxx may not look like the sharpest tool in the DJ shed but it’s still got everything you need to get into mixing and for the price of free – yes, free – you really can’t beat it if you’re out of money and need to put all your money toward DJ equipment. Mixxx gives you the things you’re looking for such as importing your music, crossfading, beatmatching, effects and more. You can even hook up your midi gear to the program which is excellent since even some of the other DJ software that’s out there has limited support for midi equipment. Mixxx is available, for free, for Windows, Mac and Linux which you can download here.


Aaaaand, if you’re looking for midi DJ controllers for mixing with these pieces of DJ software than take a look at my recommendations for the top DJ controllers under $300. Coupled with a midi controller and some DJ software, you’ll be ready to begin DJing once you hook the two together.

Take some time to learn the interface of each of the DJ programs otherwise you’re going to stumble around while you’re trying to mix. In time, you’ll probably outgrow these programs so then start considering moving onto the bigger programs out there that is a bit more professional (as noted in the beginning). However, have fun and practice your ass off with these DJ programs.


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