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BeginnerDJ – One Month Later

Muxx December 11, 2009 News No Comments

Can you believe it? BeginnerDJ is now one month old! Well actually…

BeginnerDJ has actually been around for a little over a year but until recently it has remained dormant. The relaunch of BeginnerDJ has sparked a new interest in the blog as well as for DJing in general.

It’s been one month since the relaunch of and already it’s seen quite the response. I wanted to show you some of the highlights of the last month since the relaunch.

A brief overview of the BeginnerDJ relaunch

It was over a year ago that I started BeginnerDJ with the intent of bringing readers the best information on DJing, gear, promotion and all there is to know about the electronic music scene.

This hasn’t been a small task in the least. There are literally hundreds of subjects to touch on – all of which I hope to cover.

So, let’s take a look at some of the stats of the last month since the relaunch.


Visitors: 871

Page Views: 2871

Comments: 11 (ehh)

Retweets: Avg. 2 – 3 Each

The most popular BeginnerDJ posts so far

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular posts on BDJ in the last month.

The 10 Best Rave Movies of All Time – 614 views

Hercules DJ Console MKII Review – 304  views

How To Find New Music – 296 views

5 Amazing Italo Disco Hits – 290 views

How To Beat match – 272 views

Where to go from here?

As I mentioned, this has only been the first month since the relaunch and I’ve barely scratched the surface of the amount of information there is to know about DJing.

With each passing week, more and more posts are being added on all kinds of DJ subjects.

From this point forward it’s only going to be up and up.

In the future you can expect in depth guides to DJ gear, great articles on crafting your mix, how to promote yourself as well as some big surprises which will be revealed soon.

Thank You!

I want to thank everyone that has visited, contact and have helped promote BeginnerDJ.

I especially want to thank Dave from, @Dwyndal, @media_modus and @DJPsyence.

I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without everyone so big thanks!


If you have any suggestions about the site, posts or would like to help out, feel free to drop me a line or comment in a post.



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