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7 File Sharing Websites To Upload Your DJ Mix

Muxx December 7, 2009 Resources No Comments

The Internet has allowed us to find and share music we’d never been able to hear before.

As an aspiring DJ, you probably wonder how you’re going to promote yourself and get people to listen to your mixes. Thankfully, there are plenty of websites available which allow you to upload your DJ mixes and share with anyone willing to listen.

Because you don’t have a record label to help promote your mixes, you’re on your own.

However, the great thing about the internet is there are always people searching and talking about music, you just need to jump in and tell them about your own. There’s nothing quite like sharing DJ mixes with friends – knowing it’s your own mix.

The following are 10 file sharing websites where you can upload and share your DJ mixes.


SoundCloud is one of the best sources to upload your DJ mixes.

One of the best features of SoundCloud is the ability to place your tracks you’ve submitted right onto your profiles and websites using an embed code. If you can’t embed your mix, you can still share it with the share link.

The additional benefit of sharing your mixes on SoundCloud is the built in analytics to see how many times it’s been listened to and downloaded.


Rapidshare needs no introduction, it’s been around for what seems like forever.

Rapidshare is one of the main file sharing websites which made it standard for easy uploading and tiered downloading access.

All you need to do is select your file, hit upload and then you’ll be set to start sharing your DJ mixes with anyone you want. The only problem with Rapidshare is that files are deleted within a set amount of time and there are limits to how many times you can download from Rapidshare per hour.


RGhost is perhaps my favorite of the simple upload file sharing websites.

What makes RGhost so great -  it’s very straight forward, there’s no captcha, a preview for songs and it’s very fast. Many people upload electronic music mixes to RGhost as well which makes it a great place to hear some of the latest sets from your favorite DJs.


Dropbox doesn’t fit in as much compared to the other one click file sharing websites.

Instead, Dropbox allows you to set up an account and download a small program on your computer where you can drop your files into the …box.

Once your files are on your dropbox, you can share them with anyone else or remote log in to retrieve them on another computer. Another great thing about Dropbox is that it gives you so much file storage to use – 2 gigabytes!

Uploaded has seen quite a bit of change since coming onto the Internet scene.

Like other file sharing websites, it’s very quick and easy to upload a file and share. One of the cool things about is that you can early money for a set amount of downloads which works great if you have people coming back to listen to your mixes.


MediaFire comes highly recommended from many Internet users.

The main draw of MediaFire is that it gives you so many unlimited options such as upload/download and storage. Although you do need to create an account to use MediaFire, you will also get stat tracking and direct links for your downloads which will be very helpful when sharing.


MegaUpload is another website that is highly recommended for uploading and sharing DJ mixes.

With MegaUpload, again, it’s very simple to upload and share your files. MegaUpload has a lot of great options for uploading and downloading as well with their toolbars. If you plan to upload many DJ mixes, MegaUpload gives you plenty of space to work with.

So, there you have it.

Hopefully this list of file sharing websites will allow you to upload and share your mixes with people willing to listen. If you invest into an account, you’ll be able to save your files from any deletion which would be great if you became successful and wanted to let people listen to your old stuff.

Got a mix? Want to share it? Submit your mix to BeginnerDJ!

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