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5 More Tips For Ultra Music Festival

Muxx March 29, 2010 Resources No Comments

Just to make sure I cover everything before you head off to Ultra Music Festival, I decided to make another post about some tips and tricks.

Some of these are common sense but we always end up forgetting some essential things right as we get there.

1. Stock Up On Cigarettes

If you’re a smoker, there’s nothing worse than running out of cigs right in the middle of the party.

Make sure you bring an extra pack or two because you’re sure to have people bumming off you during the party.

In some scenarios, you’ll also be able to trade them for booze and other supplies to people that are really craving.

2. Don’t Eat The Crab Cakes

I learned my lesson last year, don’t eat at random convenient stores in the middle of the night.

The combination of the 32 oz. warm Natty Ice and warm crab cakes made me throw up all over the road before the second party.

Later I reasoned that they had been sitting in the open because every other thing in the fridge was just as warm.

My friend lucked out, he ended up tossing his nasty beef patties after the first bite.

Long story short, stick to real food – not stuff from some cracked out convenient store.

3. There’s A Lot Of Douchebags and Bitches

Although this is a huge electronic music festival, it always pulls out some really douchie and bitchy people.

These are the people that basically go to socialize and take pictures while making stupid faces.

I don’t always have a problem with these people but the worst is when their posse of 20+ people decide to plow through a crowd to get to the front – stepping on everyone and elbowing.

The worst part is that they generally don’t dance. Now you have people standing around you, giving you the stink eye, for having your own fun.

Just ignore em.

4. You’re Going To See And Experience Weird Shit

A lot of people that listen to Electronic Music are already pretty unique and weird at times but this seems to bring out the people that really went over the edge.

Be prepared to see some people in really odd get ups, going crazy out of their skulls, passing out, throwing up, starting fights and all the other great things about parties.

I’m sure you’re already acceptable to these people but it’s just a heads up.

5. Not All DJ’s Are Good – Explore!

Even though you see some of the big name DJ’s, don’t stick to one stage. There are tons of smaller stages with relatively unknown DJ’s at time that put on a helluva show.

Go check out some of the back areas and music you don’t normally listen to.

You can’t always expect to hear a great set from a big named DJ either. Sometimes they put on shitty shows. Go have fun with the music you want to listen to, not with whose DJing.

Bonus Tip: The Security And Everyone Aren’t Helpful

Besides taking your money, the people that work at the event are in the business mode. They aren’t going out of their way to be friendly unless it’s people they know or you somehow run into someone genuine.

Last year my friend almost passed out from heat exhaustion, so we asked the paramedics if they could give him some air and water. What did they say? No, go buy some.

Unfortunately, we ran out of money early in the night. I know it’s our fault that it happened but basically no one will help you until you’re really messed up.

Drink lots of water….and beer.

Okay, so that wraps up my final round of tips and tricks about Ultra Music Festival.

Believe me, you’re going to have a blast.

You will have some times that are really weird or uncomfortable but it all builds the bigger picture – have fun!


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